Into the SpiderVerse

Let me start with a fat,juicy SPOILER ALERT. Did you catch that? SPOILER ALERT!!!
If you have not seen SpiderMan-Into the Spider Verse, the animated movie available on Netflix, Please do not continue to read this.
First of all and I bet we are all wondering, Why is Kingpin so big? It ruins all practical sense. Then again, it is a cartoon; about inter-dimensional travel. That type of travel actually makes more sense to me than why Kingpin is so big but I’ll leave it there for now.
Miles Morales, a Latino teen, graffiti artist and fan of Spiderman, sneaks out of his private school to go tagging, with his uncle. His father doesn’t approve of his graffiti or his liking Spiderman. While tagging with his uncle, he is bitten by a radioactive spider. As you may already be familiar with, the things that happen to him next completely freak him out! So much so, he goes back to the tag spot to see if the spider is actually radioactive. After discovering that it is, he hears voices and finds himself right in eye sight of Spiderman’s latest fight with Kingpin. Spiderman is able to tell Miles he will help him while handing him the key to the Collider (Kingpins latest toy that is sure to destroy humanity). Moments later, Miles witnesses Kingpin kill Spiderman.
Miles then tries his best to train himself and his new found abilities. When Miles goes to pay his respects to Spiderman and apologize for not yet keeping his promise, he is met by a older, fatter, darker haired version of the Peter Parker he met originally. After a quite painful hurrah through the city, stuck together on the web, Miles demands answers. After finally agreeing to help Miles, New Peter and Miles head to Alchemax to get a new key to destroy the Collider.
Get this! Kingpin plans on running the collider with no regard for his entire dimension to try and get his wife and child back. The tears of the heart, by tears I mean both crying and rips. Something I’ve noticed about most villains is that they are all hurt beings seeking revenge. Inflicting pain on others with the broken pieces of their heart. That reflects the real world we live in to the T. When our feelings or heart are hurt, some of us project that onto others. Whether it be angry, manipulative or just plain killing someone. Anger is a reaction, the bodyguard of sadness. Anger fuels all villains, so my conclusion is that all villains are just broken-hearted and need a hug. Any villains in your life? Including yourself. Ponder on that a bit while i get back to the story.
Spiderman Miles and Spiderman Peter number two are joined after their thin escaped from Alchemax and Doc Oct by a Spiderwoman, who is also a classmate of Miles, Peni Parker, Spiderman Noir, and Spider-Ham.


Now there is an entire team of Spider men and women. Miles Uncle turns out to work for Kingpin and not know that the person he is after under orders is his own nephew. He is killed for having a heart to not kill Miles.
Convinced that Miles is not ready to complete the job, the spider team locks him in his room and continues on toward the mission of destroying the collider after they return to their home dimensions.
Overtaken with determination, Miles gets his new suit and meets up with the gang to save the day. There we see the turmoil Kingpin is in by not being able to get his family, moreover that they are terrified of him. We see his complete disregard for the rest of the world. In the last few seconds of the colliders use, Miles defeats Kingpin while his father is watching, remembering the mack lesson his uncle gave him. I may have to try that shoulder touch myself. I’ll let you know how it turns out for me. Of course, that means you have to keep reading my articles, yea?

In full closing, I want to remind you to operate from your heart. When we have the spaces that we can be fully honest in, we will have world peace. It’s possible. We need your help! Can you do it?

Bet. Thank you.