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7 Unique Multiplayer Modes Too Beautiful For This World

7 creative multiplayer modes to spice up your gaming experience

Welcome back fellow gamers! We all enjoy a good multiplayer gaming session. A chance to team up or face off against your buddies adds so much value to a game. This list features 7 games that shook up the multiplayer design. Check out the list and enjoy this video from our friends over at Outside Xbox.

  1. Driver – Tag  Imagine playing tag with cars. Driver offered the unique ability to transfer the players consciousness to any driver. In multiplayer mode this ability is still active and can be used to get closer to the “It” car until you can tag it and become the new leader.
  2. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Abstergo Training Simulator – This mode was supposed to be the training ground in the virtual world where you and your friends sharpen their skills against each other. Unlike other deathmatches this mode focused a lot on stealth and diversion to win.
  3. Splinter Cell Blacklist – Spies vs Mercs – One team plays as stealthy covert spies trying to infiltrate the facility and the other team plays as Mercs defending with large high powered weapons.
  4. ZombiU – King of the Zombies – This game was a WiiU exclusive and took full advantage of the screen built into the controller. One player would be the “Survivor” and would kill zombies in a traditional fashion. And the player using the controller screen would be King of the Zombies and would use the touch screen to place Zombies of varying strength around the arena.
  5. Batman Arkham Origins – Invisible Predator Online – This match featured a 3 vs 3 fight as Joker’s gang vs Bane’s gang. Each gang could call on their respective leader in a jam, like a special summon. To add more spice, there was another mode that featured Batman and Robin taking out members of each gang.
  6. Dead Space 3 – Co-op Mode – This mode played on the hallucinations that the protagonist Issac had and now the 2nd player is having their own. Neither one can see the hallucinations the other is having and they are unique to each character,
  7. Battlestations Pacific – Duel – This real time strategy featured the duel ability of not only ordering your troops but switching to a single unit and controlling the action. The Multiplayer allowed gamers to test their strategy and skills in this mode.

Did you enjoy this list? Where there any stand out multiplayer modes you enjoy? Let us know in the comment section below. If you need another video click here for a more list.

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