Sephiroth VS Vergil (Final Fantasy VS Devil May Cry) | DEATH BATTLE!

Sephiroth vs Virgil

Welcome back to another awesome battle! These two sword wielding combatants are the sheer definition of strength and power. Each one renowned in their own right as well as feared for their unrelenting persistence. Its Sephiroth, the one winged angel, from Final Fantasy vs Virgil, Son of Sparta, from Devil May Cry. Take two emotionally wounded warriors, give them seemingly endless power and put them on a path to revenge and a thirst to rule and you have these two. If you want to learn more about what common denominators all villains have then check out A Villains Heart. Now lets watch them fight!

If you didn’t know, Sephiroth sword is over 7 feet long and he is able to effectively use it while only using one hand. Since his “Death” and bonding with the Lifestream he has a bottomless well of magic to draw from. He’s even mastered the art of time displacement. Well Virgil carries around Yamato which is the sword his father used to seal the ties between earth and the demon realm. This sword also gives Virgil the ability to move through space and time with a single swipe. The stats of these to behemoths are daunting. Luckily we have our buddies at Death Battle breaking down their strengths, weapons and weaknesses. With that being said, who do you think would win in a Death Battle?

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