Come back Maka and Soul – Soul Eater

Welcome back anime fans! This time around we’re taking a look back at the anime Soul Eater. For those new to the manga turned anime, the story revolves around 3 sets of students who are tasked with creating scythe worthy to be wielded by Death himself. The journey of Maka, Soul and the others was well received but fans feel it came to an abrupt end at 51 episodes in March of 2009. The search to fill this void led to the 2014 spin off Soul Eater Not! This anime has 1 season running a short 12 episodes, compared to its predecessor. 

Has the Madness got you?

Death Scythes are weapons who are formed when a Magic Weapon – or desendant thereof – consumes ninety nine Kishin Egg souls in addition to the soul of a witch. If a kishon egg matures its wavelength can influence and provoke the madness in every soul. If this happens it can plunge the world into total chaos. This is why it is so important for the miesters to search them out and add their strength to their weapon.


There is no news of any reboot of Soul Eater but if you haven’t been fulfilled, feel free to check out the manga

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