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Overcooked 2 – The first order

Get your team in the kitchen and save the world!

Publisher: Team17

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux

Awards: The Game Award for Best Family Game

Developers: Team17, Ghost Town Games

Genres: Simulation Video Game, Action game

Players : 1-4 (co-op and versus)

Welcome back Fellow gamers! The Epic game store has definitely established itself  in the market with the bi-weekly free games. The fact that you actually own the game once you downloaded, unlike the XBox Gamepass where you pay a monthly subscription for access to more games for free. This isn’t talking down on the XBGP at all, just noting the difference. With the Epic Game store it’s only 1 or 2 games free for a limited time. One of the more recent games Team Max@Play downloaded was Overcooked 2. The story sets you as a chef sent back in time to improve their skills to save the world by creating the best dish ever. The first appeal to this game is that its both an online and a couch party game. For those that don’t know, couch party games can be played on one system and monitor with multiple players. Make it a definite family night go-to. Overcooked gets pretty intense as you manage prepping ingredients, cooking, delivering and even cleaning dishes. There were plenty of moments where managing the action in the kitchen was more overwhelming the most hardcore fps. Good Teamwork and communication will get you a long. The game is also easy enough to just jump in and start playing in minutes and have a great time. There is also the ability to play it casually, if you got 10 minutes you can get a good round or 2 in and be fulfilled. Even if you don’t catch this game for free the average price tag is between $20-25 before shipping and handling. Word the price for the amount of game you get.

Enjoy this game now as we wait for the next big game!

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