Welcome back Anime Lovers! Netflix is our go to place for dubbed anime and this time around we are taking a look at Dorohedoro. This manga turned anime is a beautiful mix of lighthearted comedy and awesome fights with plenty of gore. We begin in a place called The Hole, a world where humans live in fear of being used as guinea pigs by magic users from another dimension. The story mostly revolves around Kaiman, a human who has a spell placed on him by a sorcerer that turned his head into that of a lizard. To make matters worst he has know memory of who he really is or how he came to be. Nikaido, his only friend, aids him on his journey to kill any sorcerer caught testing on humans and find out who put the spell on him so he can get his face back. Ok, it gets weird here, they interrogate the magic users by sticking their heads in Kaiman’s mouth and having the being inside identify them. 

Because Kaiman is the magician killer, he is sought after by En, the boss of the family and arguably the strongest, at least, most ruthless sorcerer in the land. En has dispacteched his cleaners, Shin and Noi, to take care of the Magician Killer and find out who he really is. Shin and Noi are a Team Max@Play favorite duo. Their chemistry and commentary is nothing short of awesome. 

Netflix currently only has season 1 available but rest assured we will let you know when the next season is available. In the mean time, enjoy this video and thanks for visiting Maxatplay.

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