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Setting sail with in The Sea of Thieves

It’s a pirate’s life for me!

Title: Sea of Thieves

Platform: XBox Game Pass | Steam

Players: Single | 2-4 online co-op

Genre: Action Adventure

Developer: Rare

Publisher: Microsoft

Avast ye scurvy dog and welcome back fellow pirates! This is the perfect time to earn your sea legs, grab your crew and set sails in Sea of Thieves, an open world pirate simulation. This action-adventure title puts players in the role of a pirate by trade and for hire. You accept jobs from various traders and merchants gaining gold and notoriety with aspirations of becoming the next Pirate Lord. 


Players start off at the local Taverna where you can have drinks and hopefully join up with a crew. Once your crew is together it’s time to visit the traders and see what mission they want to pay you for. During your search players will find hidden missions they can do during any other objective without ruining progress. After accepting a mission players are tasked with stocking your ship with various items:

  • Food- fruits, meat to replenish health
  • Bait- grub worms, leeches for fishing
  • Wood- Repairing the ship when its damaged
  • Cannon Balls- A variety of ammo used for attacking enemies. Some cannon balls carry status effects.

Stocking the ship isn’t the last thing to do before setting sail. Roles should be assigned for who is managing the sails, loading the canons, spotting enemies, repairing the ship and bailing out the water. Then set navigation, hoist anchor, drop the sails and shove off on your adventure.

If you need or want some extra loot, check these twitch streams. If you watch them for at least 20 minutes you can earn special drops that you can claim within 24 hrs.

Enemies and Danger

Outside of things you may encounter on land, the sea hides a variety of nasty surprises.

  • Sharks – will try to get you when taking treasure back to the ship. Its nice to have a friend clos
  • Megalodon – The Megalodon is a monstrous shark that pops out of the ocean
  • Ghost Ships -will appear and attempt to sink your ship
  • Kraken – The fiercest of the sea going beast. Its tentacles will surround the ship, snatch away crew members and eventually attempt to crush the ship. 

This is only a highlight of the dangers in the high seas. There are variants of skeletons and land born creatures. The greatest threat, outside the Kraken, are other pirates.

The Scenario

Never forget you are in the Sea of Thieves. If players chose to earn their coin “honestly” they’ve invested anywhere from an hour to 3 hours braving the seas. They traveled the distance, survived the haunted skeletons and the kraken. As you pull into harbor, another ship approaches. Because you were honest you disregard they’re approach. Before you can react, the enemy ship is firing upon your tattered vessel. If you’re not prepared they will sink your ship, kill you and steal the bounty you worked so hard for. Players can decide whether or not to attack a ship at any time. Being on the straight narrow the entire mission and deciding to raid another player’s ship has no bearing on your mission being completed, unless you lose. 


This is an immersive game that you can play by yourself but is definitely more fun with friends. Having voice chat is the best way to get unified, obviously. Keep your eyes on the horizon and let us know what you think in  the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play

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