Gogeta VS Vegito

Potara Fusion vs The Fusion Dance

Welcome back fellow anime lovers! Team Max@Play absolutely loves the Dragon Ball Universe and following the adventures of Goku and Vegita is never disappointing. These 2 have taken on enemies from multiple galaxies but their best pair up is when they fuse and take up a notch. This video decides which of the fusions is hands down the best. The Potara Earrings have the ability to fuse 2 people together by placing one earring on each person’s ear. This not only adds their power together but multiplies it. The Fusion Dance is a bit more stylish and requires the 2 be a bit closer in power levels but allow you to still go Super Saiyajin 4. Check out this video brought to us by our friends over at Death Battle and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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