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Perfect Cell Vs Kronk

Pay your debt

The total disregard Kermit and Cell showed to their guest Kronk was ridiculous. From the outside looking in he came with simple patient intentions. 

For those who don’t know, Kronk made his animated debut in the 2000 Disney film “The Emperor’s New Groove” In this movie, he split the line between antagonist and protagonist but in the end, was a gentle kind-hearted soul.

Fast forward to meeting Perfect Cell and Kermit at a bar where they found common enemies in Gohan. Kronk was the bartender and provided the solution to dispatch Gohan, by stomping him out in said bar.  The assault was brutal and landed the young Saiyajin in the hospital where he ultimately transitioned to the “Home For Infinite Losers”, which is a reference to American censorship. When the dust settles, Cell and Kermit leave without settling their tab which brings us back to our current events. 

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