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No More Heroes 3

Time to shake what your momma gave you

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture

Publisher: JP: Marvelous, Grasshopper Manufacture

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release: August 27, 2021

Genre: Action-adventure, hack and slash

Mode: Single-player

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time around we are taking a look at a series built around giving your joystick a good shaking. No More Heroes 3 follows the number one assassin Travis as he breaks out his electric sword slashes through the outer space enemy. The amount of action in this title is only dwarfed by the insane over-the-top hilarity that transpires during each mission and monologue. This Honest Game Trailer does a great job of showcasing the awesomeness of this series and is brought to us courtesy of our friends over at Fandom. Enjoy this video and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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