12 Minutes

Abridged GroundHogs Day

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Designer: Luis Antonio

Mode: Single-player video game

Engine: Unity

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Developers: Luis Antonio, Nomada Studio


Imagine getting home from a long day at work to spend time with your wife. Shortly after y’all enjoy each others company, a cop burst in accusing your wife of murder and assaults both of you. But when you wake up from the assault you are right back at your front door forced to relive these 12 minutes until you figure out what’s going on. Welcome back fellow gamers! This is 12 minutes and it’s an interesting piece of work. 


Let’s start with the easy part. 12 minutes features an allstar cast of amazing voice actors/actresses. Its an intimate situation but definitely beautiful. 

  • Husband — Voiced by James McAvoy – Known for his role in several X-Men movies as Charles Xavier and it Chapter II
  • Wife — Voiced by Daisy Ridley – Known best for has her role as Rey in 2018-2019 Star Wars movies and shorts
  • Policeman — Voiced by Willem Dafoe – A Team Max@Play favorite he plays Norman Osborne the Green Goblin in Spider-Man and No Way Home
  • Daughter — Voiced by Ella June Conroy – is best known for How to be single and Run All Night


This has to be the worst Groundhogs Day EVAR. You literally have 12 minutes, or less, to figure out the next piece of this puzzle before the loop restarts. You have to try every possible scenario. You may even find yourself committing an unforgivable sin. Every time the loop restarts, hopefully, you’ve gained some new piece of information that will unlock more dialogue and get you closer to ending the loop. You won’t find the answer here or in the video but you definitely have some options to explore. Dont expect any hints from the game and try EVERYTHING. There are multiple endings to achieve and if you can persevere You’ll be entertained.

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