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Doom Eternal – I Suck Rant

You stop playing a game and forget everything

Initial release date: March 20, 2020

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, MORE

Developers: id Software, Panic Button Games

Welcome back fellow demon slayers!Adulting has a way of getting in between you and what’s truly enjoyable in life. When we talk about what’s enjoyable in the instance we’re referring to shooting hideous hell spawn beasts in the face, or the region that would represent their face. Well Microsoft PC Game Pass affords us the opportunity to exude some of this frustration on the Hell Spawn currently taking over Earth in Doom Eternal.

Story, really

At this point does the story even matter. You play as Doom Guy, or alternate universe Link which if you’re unaware click here, Is hands down the MVP when it comes to sending these other world demons back to hell. The story starts off with our silent protagonist hearing the distress calls coming from Earth as Demons unleashed from Hell itself begin their take over. Link, I mean Doom Guy, transports to Earth and executes what he does best. By killing one of the Dark Priests during your first attack the game reveals killing the other 2 would severely hurt Hell’s attack, and in that, you have your mission.

Editors Rant

Yours truly really wanted to, slightly, change up the flavor of things that were being played and revisited this beautiful piece of work.Quickly the reminder comes in that we have no idea what the control schemes are and they are different from many of the other frst person shooters that consume the hours of the day. Let’s start with the fact there is no reload button. Players literally just shoot until you’re out of ammo. Melee and chainsaw are 2 different things and result in unique results. After dieting, removed because of embarrassment, we decided to replay the tutorial. Once that was done, we returned to the last checkpoint, died a few more times and started completely over. I wonder if Link from Legend of Zelda has these difficulties. 


The game play here is intense and fast paced. This is currently giving my Dark Souls vibes but it is what it is. I jope you enjoyed this rant and this video. If you have any more information about Link being Doom Guy, leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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