7 Amazing Weapons That Were a Huge Pain in the Ass to Get Hold Of

Was it really even worth it?

 7 Amazing Weapons That Were a Huge Pain in the Ass to Get Hold Of

Welcome back fellow gamers! We all love the feeling of acquiring an amazing to over powered weapon and wrecking a game. Most of these weapons take a significant amount of effort to obtain, but are totally worth it. This list highlights 7 weapons that are great but my you question if its really worth the effort. Beware of Spoilers in this article. 

The List

 7 Amazing Weapons That Were a Huge Pain in the Ass to Get Hold Of
  1. Nodens’ Arc – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – This powerful bow increases its damage the further the way it is from its target making long range attacks a beautiful way to go. Obtaining this massive damage dealing weapon requires you to translate a norse language while matching a real world location on the in game map and locating the hidden area at sunset. Right.
  2. Hand Cannon – Resident Evil 4 – Leon can obtain a magnum with enough power to make short work out of any boss and can be upgraded to have unlimited ammo, which is great when things like ammo and weapons are hard to come by. To obtain this weapons you must beat the game and unlock Mercenary mode. Once unlocked, you have to beat all 4 levels with the highest score possible using all 5 unlockable characters.
    • Hand Cannon – Dead Space 2 – Obviously, these are a thing. Unlike the previous gun, this cannon is shaped like a sports foam finger. To unlock this, You first complete the game on the hardest difficulty to unlock hardcore mode. Beat the game on that and its yours. Just remember in hardcore mode the baddies are harder and you can only save a total of 3 times.
    • Biggoron’s Sword – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The list to get this sword is immense, and honestly ridiculous. From running random errands and buying eye drops for the blacksmith you’ll be running all over the place to get what you need, and you’ll still have to come back in 3 days game time. On the plus side, it deals double the damage, has increased swing range and can\t be knocked out of your hand during the fight.
    • Chain Chomp – Bayonetta – Don’t you love Bayonetta! Yes that Chain Chomp. If you are aware, these chained beast have the ability to deliver severe damage to the surrounding area and enemies alike. Now imagine our protaganist with the one strapped to her leg and delivering punishment to all in its path. To unlock this beast you have to beat every level of the game on third cliax mode which is hands down the hardest mode in the game.
    • Sword of KingsEarthbound – This weapon is exclusively for the party member Prince Poo, tehe. And you have only a 0.78 percente chance of getting it from the only enemy who will drop it, which can only be found in a specific area before you defeat the level boss. This weapon is the only one that actually increases Prince Poo’s attack ability.
    • Zodiac Spear/Seintengrat Bow – Final Fantasy XII – Both of these weapons are the most powerful for their particular version of FFXII. To get the Zodiac Spear you have to avoid open all 4 of the forbidden treasure chest which the game doesn’t tell you which are which. The Seintengrant Bow is locked in an invisible chest and unless you’re wearing a specif amulet this chest has a less than 5 percent chance of dropping this item. That means you load and try again.
     7 Amazing Weapons That Were a Huge Pain in the Ass to Get Hold Of


    That’s our list, tailored courtesy of our friends over at Outside Xbox. A good portion of these weapons might be left on the shelf it were to Team Max@Play but thats just our opinion. What do you think of this list. Thanks for chacking out Max@Play and please subscribe for more. 

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