Party Hard 2

Welcome back fellow gamers! Today we’re checking on our mental health with Party Hard 2. Leading with that, there’s an understanding that Darius, the Protagonist, has reached his breaking point and has become a serious menace with a crazy blood lust. That story starts with him just trying to get some sleep. Constant parties bring thrown keeping him up drove him back down a path he was originally cured from.

Expectations going into Party Hard were Trevor from Grand Theft Auto meets top-down pixel gaming. There was going to be a lot of stabby-stabby and running from the police. This game is definitely more technical than that. The level of strategy it takes to stalk your prey, hide the bodies and not be seen is fully immersed. There are also points where you throw caution to the wind and go crazy. There is a variety of ways to terminate your target. Using the environment, starting fights, and setting traps are keys to success.

Overall it’s a fun game. If you’re looking to unwind or flex your strategic muscles popping into this game is a great fix. Taking time to relax your brain is needed for good mental health. Unlike our main character, reach out for assistance, go for a walk, touch some grass. Let’s not go on a 16 day killing spree, unless your gaming. Enjoy and thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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