#MusicMonday McFLYY (of RxM)- Black Sails Studio Session #1 HD 

#MusicMonday McFLYY (of RxM)- Black Sails Studio Session #1 HD 

One half of the duo ROCKET(!!!)McFLYY, Sirvantus Daniel McFLYY set out on his solo project “Tyranny” and released the first teaser video Black Sails, which is properly titled after the series of the same name. “The pirates life is the life for me.” Says McFlyy. Enjoying an enthusiastic play on words the entire tone of this song reflects the series. References to weapons of that time and the honor among thieves bring this song to life. Listening to this, one can invision sitting at a long wooden table surrounded by a rowdy band of brethren being served by beautiful bar maids, say that three times fast. The band plays as the king of the pirates leads his crew in a celebratory song after their latest conquest. Cheers and laughter feel the room as the drunken debauchery over flows and the scene fades to black.
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