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Prepare for Titanfall 2 #ThanksRespawn

Game: Titanfall 2
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Systems: PC, PS4, XBoxOne
Genre: First Person Shooter
Prepare for Titanfall fellow gamers! Finally the masterminds at Respawn answered the cries of the people and released Titanfall 2 with the thing the original needed dearly, a campaign mode. But before we get into that lets take a moment to introduce the newbies to the greatness of the Titanfall series. This first person shooter combines the elements of humanoid, halo style, combat with giant mech fighting. Both mechanics and themes flow together seamlessly as you pick a side between 2 warring factions, The Militia vs The IMC. The only real difference between the two factions comes in how polished their equipment is and the amount of money each has behind them. The story in a nutshell is a turf war between the original settlers and the forward moving corporation. You as the main character be friend a Titan called BT, for short, and become a dynamic duel of awesomeness. The dialogue between you and BT, as well as a nicely designed campaign finally make Titanfall a complete game. Respawn definitely earned a slew of faithful supporters by giving their users what they want. Its been awhile since a developer took everything their gamers wanted and said “You want it? You got it!” and put everything into a game. Titanfall 2 also features a total of 6 Titans to crush grunts with each with their own specific abilities. The level of customization for the character design and your Titan make each going into multiplayer so much more enjoyable. There is an exciting level of maps open at the start versus paying a ridiculous subscription fee for a lifetime pass. Titanfall stays true to everything that made the original great and then made it awesome. Get into that match making lobby and go wild. Thank you Respawn and Prepare for Titanfall.