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Could you survive 100 Days in the zombie apocalypse

Title: 100 Days

100 Days - Screenshot - Zombie Apocalypse
100 Days – Screenshot – Zombie Apocalypse

System: Android/Mobile
Developer: Preus
Genre: Simulation

Survive the zombie apocalypse
Survive 100 Days is a screen tapping mobile game set during the zombie apocalypse. You play as Peter, the super saiyajin of assault rifle users, who has setup a bunker inside of an abandoned building. Peter, with his unlimited ammunition, guns down wave after wave of zombies and mutant creatures. After so many zombies have been killed you have the option to call the Boss zombie for that day which will end the wave and that day if you defeat him. If you are unable to defeat the boss before he breaks through your defences he will kill one of your teammates and leave restarting that wave. Once you defeat the boss it will end the day and you will move onto the next day with even stronger enemies. As you defeat zombies they drop coins that you collect so that you can purchase upgrades for Peter, more room for teammates, upgrade your team’s strengths and better defenses such as barricades and turrets.
Depending the time of day you’re playing the game changes in difficulty. That means if you play at night the zombies become much tougher but they yield more coins. This game also offers in-game purchases in the form of gems. These gems can activate temporary speed boost, kill all zombies on screen or other specials. Once you make it 100 days you have unlocked survival mode which changes the dynamics of the game.

100 Days - Screenshot - Zombie Apocalypse
100 Days – Screenshot – Zombie Apocalypse

The Real
Survival mode is where the game shines for Team Max@Play. Normal mode is ok until your teammates get over powered and its just a waiting game until you can summon the boss. In survival mode you are developing your team and sending them out as you please. It adds a refreshing take on strategy and you learn more about your teammates as they move across the field. Definitely check out this free to play game and help Peter survive the zombie apocalypse. If you need more games on the go Pokemon Go