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What happens when you’re unmotivated

Monday is the hardest day off the week for a lot of people, but for Team Max@Play the hardest day of the week is the day when you really don’t feel like doing anything at all. Kinda just want to lounge around in your pajamas and be entertained by an unending supply of randomness and music videos. Our friend Bruno Mars captures this feeling with his hit “The Lazy Song” which is currently our theme song.

It would be in better taste to probably push something a bit more intense with something motivational, but in real life we are laying with the television remote just out of reach, watching some random COPS rerun because we’re just not motivated enough to lean over and grab the remote. It’s times like this when the Google for home device would be great. 

Google Home
Google Home

Being able to just talk to the Google voice would make life so much easier, and us that much lazier, and that much happier.
Once it was home the first thing we would ask for is not what you thought first, get your mind out the gutter, but when’s the next opportunity to be emersed in some artistic expression, better known here as cosplay via the next big con. There are Cons taking place year round and at every corner of the globe. One of Team Max@Play’s favorite is Dragoncon, “Ok Google, show Max@Play coverage of Dragoncon.” 

Dragoncon - Star Wars- Asuka
Dragoncon – Star Wars- Asuka

Here you’ll see some awesome people unified in one place, or three convention centers because it’s just that big, all to celebrate gaming, anime and geek culture. Maybe this year we’ll be treated to more Starfire, of the Teen Titans. Just thinking about all the action here should be motivation for us to get up and do something now. Unfortunately the controller is too far away at the foot of the bed so mobile gaming it is. Enjoy your day and check out these dope Android games.