Our Top 5 songs to get you thru the week #MusicMonday 

Welcome back to the party Team Max@Play. The week holds a plethora of surprises for us and we must be prepared. Life is a movie and every movie has a dope soundtrack. This week we present our Top 5 songs to get you through the week. As usual our list isn’t built upon what’s new and popular, it’s built on how the feeling is and the at the top of this we have the blues. 

I got the blues

M City Jr x Somer

When you return to work you might have the blues but according to M City Jr if you do it right you’ll definitely have the “Blues”
I’m the one

DJ Khaled featuring Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber

If you didn’t believe it before know now that we’re the one for you and your entertainment needs. 
Bring me to life


Every now and again we need someone to shine light into the darkness, since we all have bad days some times. This is a perfect Wednesday pick me up. Now hold on to my hand and I won’t let you down. 
Today was a good day

Ice Cube

The end of a good day deserves a track highlighting how awesome that day was. The first song that comes to the minds of Team Max@Play is by the incomparable Ice Cube.
Worst Behavior


The weekend is here and you survived everything life threw at you and now you have a choice. You can take it easy and relax or you can do what the song says and enjoy life on your worst behavior. We vote for the latter. If you enjoyed our Top 5 list let us know in the comment section below. What songs are getting you thru your week? 
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