Fate/Night Stay (Archer vs Lancer)

The Holy Grail will grant the winner of the Holy Grail War the wish of their heart, no matter what it is.Seven magi are chosen by the Grail as Masters and, with support from the Grail, allowed to summon seven Servants to do battle. What would you wish for if infinite power laid at your disposal.

Fate/Stay Night is actually the sequel to Fate/Zero but the way Netflix is setup we watch stuff out of order. Even if you watch these series out of order the story will capture you and force a binge watching session well worth missing a day at work or school to finish. Since Team Max@Play started with this series we decided it would only be fair to introduce you to it in a similar fashion.

We would like to introduce you to the series with one of our favorite battles Archer vs Lancer. Enjoy!

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