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Hacking life with Game Genie (Actual SNES Capture)

Remembering the days when you were able to mod Nintendo games with Game Genie. When it was originally released it was during a time where button mashing codes as fast as you can was the way to cheat your way to awesomeness. The Game Genie was a device that you placed between the video game cartridge and the system before powering it on. Once the system started you’d be prompted to enter whatever codes you aquired and hit start. I’m most cases these codes were multi line random characters and symbols with each line granting you a different effect. Some codes offered your usual cheats like unlimited lives or invulnerability. There were also codes that completely altered the world of the game giving your characters new looks, abilities or just random entertainment. 

Game Genie
Game Genie

This form of modding breath new life into some games and help players beat trouble areas. In lots of cases without consequences, but there were some times big consequences. The game breaking game genie codes increased the glitch factor. These games were prone to collision issues, freezing and even data loss. These glitches could be game ruining so it was always a gamble to mod your game with the game genie. It was available for all the major consoles starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System until 1993 selling over 5 million copies world wide.

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