What Makes 100 Thieves The Team To Beat

What Makes 100 Thieves The Team To Beat

Written by EZ-R

You know you can’t ignore something for so long when the sheer amount of people interested keep rising. Esports is taking over every form of gaming experience and it’s not silent too. Not with gaming companies like100 Thieves, which provides top-notch gaming experience and unrivaled competitiveness. At the center of it all is, a team (not just of gamers) that is taking over the world of Esports and it’s only getting better by the second! So what makes 100 Thieves the team to beat? You’re about to get served…

Fabulous Rosters

Who doesn’t love a team of winners? That’s what 100 Thieves represent, with decent feats in the NCLCS Spring Regular Series (first) and representing North America at the 2018 World Championships In South Korea. This wouldn’t have been possible without great skill sets and years of experience, coupled with a unique understanding on the side of the players. The exploits by the team wows the audience to no end and it promises to get bigger and better every year!

The Management Team

What did Mathew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, have in mind when creating 100 Thieves? It’s hard to say but it has quickly burgeoned into one hell of a group! With any Esports team, you want to get everything right and it often starts from a good management team that knows its way around. It helps that he’s also a winner and when you think of other partners launch as Canadian superstar, Drake (yes, Drake!) and Eric ‘Muddawg’ Sanders, success is never far off.

The Financial Clout

You know you can’t mess with a brand when they’ve got money to burn (well, to grow bigger!). With recent investments, 100 Thieves is about to get to a whole new level. Partnerships with hot brands such as Red Bull, Rocket Mortgage and clothing re-serller, StockX make them a brand to be reckoned with. It doesn’t end there though, multi-million dollar investments from Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers), Scooter Brawn, Drake, and other financial investors mean 100 Thieves will be the name on lips for the foreseeable future. Money is a very important factor in the Esports industry and the figures keep on rising. The players don’t come cheap too, with some projected to earn above a million dollars yearly. 100 Thieves is on a healthy path and that can only mean more innovation, growth, and money for investors and the industry.


There’s hardly a gaming Esports brand out there that can boast of having someone in the caliber of Drake. No kidding, but the catch is, he adds to an already popular gaming company! With a unique clothing brand that has no trouble generating sales to go along with its gaining content and a personality like Nadeshot, 100 Thieves far outstrips its competitors in popularity. Drake’s involvement goes both ways too. It’s a big advantage to 100 Thieves and the Esports Industry as a whole.

To conclude, the Esports industry may seem relatively new but it’s already a crowd puller and a huge money spinner. It’s entertainment and business at its peak and 100 Thieves will be the king of it all for many years to come.

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