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More Youmacon! More Cosplay

Subzero - Youmacon -2017
Subzero – Youmacon -2017

“It’s been a long time…we shouldn’t have left you…without more Youmacon Cosplay to Step to.” If you picked up the song reference there you’d probably enjoy watching the actual video for “Try Again” by Aaliyah featuring Timbaland with a guest appearance from Jet Li. For the rest of you who just want to see more awesome cosplay and awesome people having fun, Team Max@Play presents round 2 of dope photos from 2017 Youmacon in Detroit. The Majority of these photos were taken the following Saturday after the grand opening. Saturday is typically the busiest day with it being right in the middle of the weekend, not to mention the weather was amazing. This gallery features some of the more popular characters for Team Max@Play. We’ve found Raven and Terra from the Teen Titans hanging out in the game room alongside Rider from the series Fate/Stay. We even ran into Deadpool cosplaying as Slade, hands down the most hilarious of the cosplayers.

This gallery also features some characters and designs that we couldn’t identify, this is where you come in. Please comment on the photos the proper character names and series. If you know who the cosplayer is we’d love to give them a shout out for being awesome. If you missed the first round of photos you can check those out here at Round One. We appreciate your patience with us getting everything properly wrapped for you. We still have hours of footage share including the Hip Hop Show, Live Action Adult Mario Party and The Rave. Stay tuned for more here at Max@Play.