Saitama vs Boros – One Punch Man

UPDATE: This video has been removed

Saitama vs Boros is the epic final battle of the series One Punch Man. Our bald hero has spent the entire season waiting for a battle he can truly unleash the strength he has. Boros recognized from the beginning of the fight that there is no forseeable limit to his energy. The action scenes in one punch man are comedic as well as exciting. Definitely a series we binged watched. Team Max@Play has been waiting for the follow up season with baited breath, as soon as we hear about it we’ll definitely share this with all of you. When you consider how much punishment Boros deals out in this fight you can only imagine how powerful Saitama is. Just wait until Saitama unleashes his most powerful move yet. After all the facts come out there begs a new question. Who would win a fight between Saitama and Superman? Until then, enjoy this fight from the final episode of One Punch Man season one.

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