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Thank you Youmacon

The Marriott Renissance Hotel and Cobo Hall Convention Center, located off the river in downtown Detroit, was the scene for the epic return of Youmacon. If you’ve been following along, Team Max@Play has been anxiously waiting for the return of this 4 day, round the clock event. From Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening, Anime, Manga and Video Game enthusiasts flooded both facilities with amazing energy and a hive mind. There were so many amazing events, panels and interviews taking place we can spend days or weeks talking about each one.  We will definitely highlight our favorite experiences. Team Max@Play wants to first give a shout out to the Youmacon staff. Their unity and professionalism was commendable. Engaging with the thousands of attendees is a daunting task and not once did we witness anything that wasn’t just awe inspiring. Maintaining order and being knowledgeable of course events as well as showing compassion to those in distress. Hats off to you! Next we want to thank the staff and security of the venues for their diligence in keeping the facilities emaculate and handling all security issues with such awesome consideration. Bathrooms are a big deal for us here and public restrooms during conventions can become less than desirable. Fortunately, there were no issues in that department. Finally we want to thank all of the attendees that we partied with. There were so many people we met and became friends with just because of this one common goal to have as much fun as possible. Sharing tables in the food court started interesting discussions about the tastiest meals throughout the convention. Joining each other in the different anime rooms and discussing what we like or don’t like about a series. Wether it was there theme, character development or voice acting, nothing was off limits when proving your point. Stay tuned for our features on the Raves, Cosplay, Panels and The Mighty Game Room. 
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