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Looking at Crackdown 3

Its got Terry Crews!

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Max@Play is taking a look back at Crackdown 3. It recently got added to Xbox Game Pass which means its free to download.  There was so much hype surrounding the release of this game.  Three developers boosted fresh graphics, deeper story, multiplayer and Terry Crews. Crews was honestly a big selling point for us with his charismatic energy and he’s built like a super cop. Watching the intro to Crackdown gets you fired up for dope gameplay and done commentary from Terry,  oh how disappointed we are.  Terry is killed in an explosion during the intro and reconstructed as a mute.  We’re 15hrs into the game and haven’t heard him speak since.  Even though his character model is spot on, it also lacks the general mannerisms.  Crackdown is not a bad game, not at all.  It still has all the things that made the franchise great, just not much else.  It’s a nice variety of characters to choose from.  There are now two combating narrators which can be entertaining, sometimes.  And…uh….er…a Terry Crews skin.  This game is definitely worth a play as apart of the game pass but we couldn’t fork over $40 and feel it was worth while.  Goodluck with the multiplayer, we’ll touch on that later.  If you need a quick jump in, be awesome and leave type of game, Crackdown is it.  Just don’t expect much else.  

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