Gaara vs Rock Lee – English Dub Part 1 #Fight

UPDATE: This video has been removed

Let’s revisit the Chuninin Exams from the opening season of Naruto and take a look at one of thee most awe inspiring fights ever witnessed. We’re talking about Rock Lee of the Hidden Leaf Village and Gaara from the village in the sand. Before now, the story revealed that both Rock Lee and Gaara were going to be tough contenders during this exam but no one expected feats like these to be revealed and used so early in exams. Lee not only released the restraints on his legs that he could move at his true speed but also revealed techniques that only Tai Jutsu Masters such as Guy Sensei would be able to use. Gaara’s natural defense was no match for this increase, in the beginning, but Gaara allowed a peak behind his curtain for a taste of his true power. A power that strikes fear into all he encounters including his fellow team mates. As the match progresses they become more uneasy with Gaara’s mental stability knowing when that fades his power is uncontrollable.

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