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South Park Phone Destroyer killing batteries everywhere @southparkphone

South Park Phone Destroyer - New Kid vs Timmy
South Park Phone Destroyer – New Kid vs Timmy

Title: South Park Phone Destroyer

Developer:  South Park Digital Studios

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Card Game/PVP

Available on Mobile: Android, iOS

The South Park gang is at it again with this entry into the mobile gaming arena. Phone Destroyer, properly titled since you’re gonna kill your battery playing, is a fantasy card game with great PVP. You play the role as “The New Kid”, that doesn’t speak as usual, and you are enlisted by Cartman to join them in their games throughout the town. Players use their cell phones to collect a variety of cards with themes, characters, and abilities to build their deck. Once your deck is in order you can summon each card to the battlefield. Using cards in battle consumes energy, which charges naturally through the course of the board, and each one has a specific amount that it will use.  With that mind paying attention to which characters are on the field and their placement adds an extra amount of strategy to it. For example, you would want to summon your tank character towards the front of your field and first since they attract and take a lot of damage but move slowly. Then you’d follow with your archer or long-range fighter summoned behind him to pick off the distracted enemies. Some characters come with special effects:

  • South Park Phone Destroyer - PVP - Player vs Player
    South Park Phone Destroyer – PVP – Player vs Player

    Natural effects such as quicker energy

  • Deathwish which activates when the character dies
  • War Cry which activates a soon as they are summoned
  • Charge effects which can be activated once the charging ring is complete

Almost the entire cast of the popular show makes an appearance as either a normal character or an episode boss. The story progression is as comical and follows the over the top comedy the series is known for. The episode bosses, their “cosplay” and unique abilities will tickle your funny bone. Every main character can be acquired and added to your deck through opening packs or lockers that are provided after completing a board or PVP match.

PVP Match

The Player vs Player matches operate similar to the episodes with each participant summoning cards based on the ones in their hand and how much energy it takes. These matches take place in an arena instead of a level progression and last for 3 minutes. Whoever health is lowest after 3 minutes is the winner. If there is a tie the match moves into sudden death and the rate at which you gain energy drastically increases. Every time you increase in rank your granted an additional prize which can be anything from Cartman coins, Dollars or new cards.

South Park Phone Destroyer - PVP - Player vs Player
South Park Phone Destroyer – PVP – Player vs Player

In game purchases

You can’t mention In-game purchases without thinking of the pay to win controversy. The in-game purchase model was revolutionized by the exploding mobile game market and you can see it being put to good use in Phone Destroyer.  You can spend real money to purchase in-game currency which you can use buy additional packs of cards or rare cards and items that will help you in the episode and PVP matches.  You can spend anywhere from $4.99-$49.99 in a single purchase giving you plenty of opportunities to unlock exclusive cards. Fortunately, the grinding method of gaining in-game currency still helps you purchase those special packs.


South Park Phone Destroyer is a hilariously addictive game with some intense strategic elements. It’s easy to get pulled in the world and watch your phone battery be destroyed. Do you need more South Park in your life? Then how about these Taco Flavored kisses.

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