Maximillion is still the man with the plan, and the bow

Maximillion is still the man with the plan and the bow. The rift has been under attack during our hiatus away from Orcs Must Die so we decided to finally finish the prologue and defeat that final boss. They introduced an essential component to controlling the flow of traffic between waves, the barricade. With this being the final piece before the main game we decided to help you out with a few tips we picked up. Originally we expected the Orcs to just smash through the barricade but apparently, it does just force them to follow the path you designed. Just make sure you lay your best traps along the way. Also, there is no need to conserve your coins for future purchases. Anything you buy during one wave can be sold or refunded returning those coins to invest in more powerful or wave appropriate traps. Team Max@Play loves the variety in our trap building so we alternate floor plans with spikes and tar traps. Don’t be afraid to get into the fray, Maximillion may be using a long-range crossbow but being closer to the orcs can also bait them into your traps. Keeping that in mind can help you strategize Maximillions position on the map. Speaking of the map, once there are multiple gates open pay attention to the minimap showing the flow of orc traffic. Finally, support your guardians. They guard major cross sections but they aren’t perfect and everlasting. Guardians take damage and overtime will go down in battle. When this happens thank junction is now uncontested. You’ll want to head over there as soon as possible to revive your guardian before the area is overwhelmed with Orcs.

Hopefully, you found this quick guide helpful in your quest to protect the rift. For more on this and other games subscribe to Max@Play

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