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Thank You Ohayocon 2018

Thank you Ohayocon 2018

Another amazing Ohayocon is officially in the books and the city of Columbus, OH. Will never be the same. The love and fandom of this year’s event were so amazing with attendees showing up two days before the opening ceremony. The vendors, from all walks of life, also made their arrival much earlier to have time to make adjustments with the rapid growth Ohayocon experienced. Just to cover the list of how much growth:

  • Adventure Time - Cosplay - Ohayocon
    Adventure Time – Cosplay – Ohayocon

    The dealer room tripled in size

  • The game room expanded to be the game floor
  • There were over 200 panelist sharing
  • Gaming Tournaments held in three arenas

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The sheer volume of things taking place and activities to get lost in is impossible for any one person or group of persons to experience. Luckily Team Max@Play was there to help fill in the gaps for you. In the days to come, we will finish uploading the photos from all the panels we covered and awesome cosplay participants.

The staff of Ohayocon, Hyatt Regency and Greater Columbus Convention Center worked beautifully together to maintain order with the thousands of con-goers and hotel guest. It’s always amazing to witness kindness under pressure and there are few greater pressures than servicing several mixed crowds. Let us also keep in mind this event was 72 consecutive hours with bodies moving constantly and messes needing to be attended to.

Stay tuned for articles highlighting the most memorable moments for Team Max@Play. We’ll also be sharing some of the dopest cosplay we were graced with. Covering this event took a healthy amount of preparation and planning. Hopefully, our previous list had you prepared to take on this three-day event and if you’re getting ready for the con in your area please read our Top 5 Things To Prepare for any con.

Did you enjoy your Ohayocon experience? Please let us know about it in the comment section below.

Looking to catch up with Team Max@Play at a con? We’ll be at Katsucon Feb 16.