Original Teen Titans Series May Get New Season!

“Titans Go!” Remember hearing that from Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans in the original series? You may be hearing the battle cry soon once again.

The show Teen Titans, ran from 2003-2006, when it ended the fans weren’t to pleased following its end more so they wanted more episodes so much so they’ve never stopped asking for a sixth season of the series to be made.

Following the series, a spin-off was made, Teen Titans GO! premiered in 2013. However, the show is less serious than its predecessor, focusing more on the lives of the teenage heroes.

A report via Twitter from voice actress, Tara Strong, who plays Raven says it’s possible… depending on the success of the Teen Titans Go To The Movies

Whether that show is for Cartoon Network or a partnership show for the live-action Titans series on the DC Universe streaming platform isn’t confirmed. Yet if you wish to the reunion of the original Teen Titans fans; support the new movie

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies hits theaters on 27 July.


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