Thank you ColossalCon 2018!!!

Vegeta and Bulma - ColossalCon - Cosplay
Vegeta and Bulma – ColossalCon – Cosplay

ColossalCon, hosted at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, kicked off Thursday afternoon and was surprisingly busy for a mid week opening day. Attendees came out in full force determined to experience every aspect of the convention and the resort. As usual, Team Max@Play has made an amazing list of events they want to cover but there is only so much time during the day. With overlapping panels and the introduction of the water park attractions, it’s really easy for us to get lost in the wave of Awesomeness that is colossalcon. There is rarely a reason to talk about the weather when describing what has taken place at a convention, but with the venue being the Magnificent Kalahari Resort the outside element played a key factor in it’s many events taking place, and not taking place. There were several shoots that had to be relocated because of spotty rain with many things taking place in a near-perfect beautiful Outdoor Experience, it was almost 90 degrees the entire weekend.

The Kalahari Resort staff was very accommodating when interacting with Convention attendees and the colossalcon staff. Maintaining the cleanliness of the venue was a daunting task with so many people and moving parts taking place over the weekend. It was pleasant to witness the interaction between the Kalahari staff and the con attendees and how they mix with the non Colossalcon patrons, yes the resort was still open for families and normal vacations. The way the resort’s staff function you can tell that this wasn’t their first walk in the park. They handled emergencies beautifully. There wasn’t a time when Team Max@Play every the restroom and it wasn’t Immaculate and fully stocked.

Indians Jones - ColossalCon - Cosplay
Indians Jones – ColossalCon – Cosplay

The colossalcon staff we’re the real MVPs of this event. Made up of mainly volunteers, the ColossalCon staff moved like a well-oiled machine. Able to cater to the needs of all the wonderful attendees, special request by the Kalahari Resort staff and working well together to make sure that everyone had a fun and successful experience. Like with any huge event, this event wasn’t without it’s surprises. The staff responded to several false emergencies, that would normally put a heavy damper on an event, with professionalism and happy attitudes. This approach made it easier for frustrated Con goers to return to their excited happy states once everything was cleared. A note to the villains try to rain on this parade “You failed hahaha“. With colossalcon 2018 now officially in the books it’s time to get ready for Colossalcon East which will be in September 7th through the 9th in Poconos Mountains. Dates for next year’s Colossalcon in 2019 have been set for May 30 through June 2. In addition to the possible expansion of a Colossalcon in Texas next year. We hope to get more information on that as the next one comes along. Stay tuned to Max@Play for more on this And other awesome conventions. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can be first to know and let us know in the comment section below what was your favorite moment at Colossalcon 2018.