Colossalcon 2018 #RWBY photoshoot

Hello fellow cosplayers! Colossalcon 2018 has come and gone, but attendees are still relishing in the memories created in this awesome event. Team Max@Play are here to feature one of our favorite moments the RWBY organized photoshoot. This outdoor session featured cosplayers represent characters from every spectrum and angle of the awesome series. Team Max@Play still have some catching up to do but as a series progress they have introduced some amazing characters. As you go through this gallery that recreated for you see if you can name every character or team feature here.

For those new to RWBY, it’s set in the supernatural world of Remnant. The story revolves around the youth attending various academies to train aspiring to be hunters and huntresses. These Warriors are needed to defend the rest of the world from the monsters that played them known as the Grimm. During their education they learn a lot about themselves, the world around them and the evil that lurks in the shadows. For a more in-depth look into the background of RWBY check out one of our earlier post here.

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