Thank you Youmacon 2018

Detroit, Michigan’s Cobo Hall and Renaissance Center were both filled to capacity as anime fans and pop culture enthusiasts congregated for Youmacon 2018. This annual event is one of the most anticipated this side of the country and brings out people from all walks of life. This year con goers were treated to a new layout that definitely had major wins and a couple of losses. Let’s take a moment to review some of the new changes.
Everyone is familiar with the insane line that forms at the crack of dawn for registration. Everyone attending this event got to experience this line in some capacity. The registration room was moved a little ways down the hall from where it has normally been to give more room to the vendors. With a lack of signage bring present some attendees found them selves waiting in the line for the vendor room instead of the ever growing registration line. Eventually, Youmacon staff began making audible announcements and got everyone on the right track.

Game Room
For years, Youmacon gaming hosted their amazing arcade took inside of the Renaissance Center larger rooms. This space gave con goers the ability to have non stop for the entire weekend due to it being open 24hrs, around the clock, as long as the convention was open. This convenience was sacrificed for the much more spacious room over at Cobo Hall. The new gaming space was a dream come true featuring multiple stages for Battle Arena Opera, plenty of gaming cabinets and more console and PC stations you can handle in one weekend. With all this greatness gained the biggest drawback is the 2am bedtime imposed since that’s when Cobo Hall shuts down.

Besides tighter enforcement on Rencen policies, such as no mask or hoods outside of the hotel, things were greeted with open arms. There were a plethora of panels including The Team Four Star panel and beautiful displays of cosplay pagentry. Stay tuned for our panel breakdowns and gallery of Cosplay.

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