Wolverine vs Black Panther – One Minute Melee

Here we go with another epic clash brought to us by our friends over at HyperGauge. It’s metal vs metal, claws vs claws, animal vs animal. It’s Wolverine vs The Black Panther. What kind of misunderstanding would T’Challa, Prince of Wakanda, and Logan, Savage Good Guy, have to endure for them to end up going toe to toe. And that spawns so many other questions:

  • Can adamantium damage vibrainium?
  • Can The Black Panther compete with Wolverines speed and healing?
  • Can Logan over power this battlefield tactician?

Even with T’Challa’s experience leading battles, Logan has participated in a healthy amount of battles in his extended life time. They match so evenly on many levels, what’s going to be the deciding factor in naming a winner? No spoilers here! Enjoy this One Minute Melee and see which Marvel warrior comes out on top. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Need more battles in your life then check out this Death Battle. Don’t forget to subscribe and stay up to date.