Two of Twitch’s Biggest Streamers Burn Out At The Same Time

Taking breaks is nothing new for online content creators, sometimes you get brunt out from making the same kind of content or become unsure of your next step to take, this is true for creatives both big and small. Earlier this week both Tyler Blevins a.k.a Ninja, and Imane Anys a.k.a Pokimane announced they were taking step back from content creation, in Ninja’s case he gave two vague tweets and left the internet “I just need a break…I don’t know when I will be back, or where” and “Big things are coming

 Pokimane however decided to shed some light on what she meant and made a video explaining things which can be summed as burn out, not feeling creatively challenged in terms of games, and a her move taking more out of her than she thought. Siting trying to find gyms, grocery stores, and adjusting to a new area, which are things that can be taken for granted. However while Ninja is taking a break from everything, Pokimane is just taking a step back, she’s still going to stream just not as often and make other forms of content on other platforms.

As a result Twitch is going to lose a decent amount of money with one of their top earners being gone for who knows how long andm at the start of Subtember when subscriptions to channels are 30% off, but they’re sure to recover. Ninja’s break comes as a bit of a surprise since most of his content is just Fortnite so it feels like burn out should have happened sooner but, he knows his audience and more than likely felt than adding different videos would turn people away or have his viewer look for Fortnite content elsewhere, essentially putting him in a box of just one type of content which feels like something someone new to maker space would do and not someone as big as himself.

 Pokimane on the other hand, feels like the complete opposite, for instants she just returned from a month break, and has been making an array of content outside of gaming, and does other types of streams to break up the gaming streams, so her wanting to take a step back feels more genuine because she has more things to stress and worry about, a prime example is Evo. Since she is co-owner of Evo their has to be some amount of stress for the tournament that pulled in hundreds of thousands of online viewers and thousands of people to the in-person event to go over smoothly, while most of that stress has probably felt by Sony and sponsors, she had to feel some since her name is attached to it. Rather that have Twitch be her bread and butter she wants to make it a part of her arsenal, so she doesn’t want to do a full 8 hour a Youtube video, series of Tik Toks or Instagram stories could all be replacements for that one stream.

EDIT: It seems like Ninja’s sudden departure from the internet was apparently just a big stunt to drum up the fact that his contract may have ended and that he will be live on almost all social media platforms.