ANIME CRACK or anime on crack, you decide

Welcome back fellow anime fans! Today’s post journeys along the side of the comical and the weird, mainly the weird. In an attempt to be shocked and amazed, Team Max@Play journeyed to YouTube and randomly typed anime on crack. Not sure why there was any kind of surprise there since the internet is, well, the internet, we easily found Anime Crack. It reminds us of Robot Chicken except with random anime shows spliced together and a few voice overs making things even more, interesting. To our delight there is an entire channel that features these videos but we suggest pacing yourself. The things featured here can melt your mind and essentially have you drooling from the ears wondering what just happened and should I have laughed at that. Enjoy the randomness and don’t get addicted to crack. Or do get addicted to crack. Just remember what Mr Mackey always says “Drugs are bad, M’kay”

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