Fallout 76 – Before You Buy

Hello fellow gamers! I call shenanigan on Bethesda and this entire Fallout 76 business. I’m certain you’ve heard the out cry if disapproval with this shell of a game, but just in case here’s a quick recap. You wake up in the only vault that didn’t have some weird experiment taking place so you, and the others, are the only normal people from Vaulttech. There are no NPCs to interact with, this means the entire rpg element of the game relies on reading computers and random postings. The VATS aiming system is a total joke since this is always online multiplayer and you can’t pause online games. Not like it mattered since the enemy ai is just as retarded. The PvP system runs on a duel system so you have to ask and agree to the fight, which takes a bit of the fear out of playing. Each game might have 20 people spread out over the entire map, good luck on finding them. I would say something good but you can’t feel that way when you pay full price for a game that’s something like Fallout, something like an RPG and something like a mmo, but it’s totally not.

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