Yugi-Oh: Anime vs the Card Game

Yugi-Oh: Anime vs the Card Game

Ohayocon had events going on starting late Thursday night until Sunday afternoon. With the sheer size of the hotel combined with the convention center it was a task deciding where to begin. The first panel to catch the attention of Team Max@Play was Yugi-oh: Anime vs the Card Game.

Duel Monsters was introduced to the western world through the highly popular anime Yugi-oh. Grant it, no ever called this card game duel monsters but refereed to its anime title. The episodic adventure of Yugi and his friends had viewers of all ages rushing out to create their own winning decks to compete with each other. The popularity sore to amazing heights with international tournaments, a plethora of video games and movies. This particular panel didn’t focus on the fandom that is Yugi-oh but the absolute rule breaking moves that take place throughout the anime series. Duel monsters has a strict set of rules that need to be adhered to and summoning 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons in the first turn is one of those completely ridiculous moves only possible in the animated series. How about I activate this game changing trap card from my hand. My favorite is being able to attack you multiple times in one turn with the same monster, purely for effect. This panel is definitely not for the newbies to the series or the card game. You had to have some experience in at least one of these for a good portion of the references to make since.Yugi-oh abridged

Yugi-oh abridged

One thing everyone could enjoy is the so called damaged and fatigued the anime depicted after every attack. Yugi-Oh Abridged is a video series that pokes fun at the hilarity by doing voiceovers for every episode rewriting the script. This featured video captures exactly what was being conveyed during this panel at Ohayocon 2019. Enjoy this video and click here for more Ohayocon coverage