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Do you wanna get high? ANIME CRACK

There comes a time in your day when its good to enjoy something that will kill off a few brain cells. These moments are treasured sacred moments that may forever change your perception. Or, maybe it will just make you laugh at its sheer random ridiculousness. Aylssa Milano opens up this weeks Anime Crack and if you can explain how and high then you’re the real MVP. This episode leaves so many questions unanswered like what is that super catchy song he’s dancing to at the dinner table and why did Samuel L Jackson insult that bird? There is a major appreciation for the level of fan service taking place, giggitty. The comments left under the video did ask the question “What is Boku?” afraid to ruin the Google search history forever this question remains unanswered. As always Team Max@Play thanks Anime Crack for introducing new anime to be consumed. Please enjoy the video and click here for more of our favorite Anime Crack Videos.