Anime Central Cosplay 2019

Its always amazing to see the growth and imagination of cosplayers. There is the group of veterans that design exact replicas of their characters attire, armor and weapons. There is an impressive group that revamps the look of a specific character, such as making a humanoid Jigglypuff. The gender bender group are always fun, seeing your favorite character as the opposite sex and staying close to the original design is so cool. There are few people that are “purest” and they find ways to tear down cosplayers hard work because of size, race or gender. To those people we say “You’re entitled to your opinion and you may cosplay as you see fit but you can take your negativity and kindly take a long walk off a short cliff.” There were also several warnings released for con-goers but mainly cosplayers to remain hydrated and drink as much water as possible. Its humid and we’re doing alot of walking and partying. Lets stay hydrated.

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