Thank You ACEN 2019

Waifu, Senpai and Otaku gathered for ACEN 2019

ACEN 2019 Cosplay Halo

ACEN 2019 Cosplay Halo

Anime Central 2019

The anime community gathered in Rosemont, IL. for the 3 day 4 night experience known as Anime Central. This wasn’t Team Max@PLay’s first dance at ACEN but it was definitely our best experience to date. The convention was still occupying both the Donald E Stephens convention center and the Hyatt Hotel across the street, which meant there was plenty of opportunity to get caught in the wild weather that took. We’re certain we experienced every season this weekend, but preparation was key.We took advantage of everything on our prepare for conventions list and went full throttle checking out panels, attending concerts, partying at raves and of course shopping. Time constraints prevented us from meeting a few people of interest but didn’t stop us from gathering experiences from fellow con attendees.

Concerts were to hype

There were a plethora of performances over the weekend but Team Max@Play took focus on ZAQ, TRUE. Their show was at capacity with the entire crowd sporting neon wands interacting with the show.

Soap Bubble party 2019

The Soap Bubble party is the crown jewel of parties for the weekend. The main event hall is filled with neon lights, awesome tunes and enough energy to power the entire matrix. It takes place on Saturday every year and every year DJs from the world show out their best. Remixes of your favorite songs and techno beats never leave your eardrums bored.

Shop till you drop

The shopping experience was beefed up this year with a wider variety of vendors offering unique wares. This still took a bit of strategy and shopping savvy since there definitely stands that offered similar or the same items at different prices. There was always that sense of urgency when you find something really rare. You might want to look around to see if you can find it cheaper but then you run the risk of someone beating you to the punch. Definitely an adrenaline rush this year.

Cosplay Amazing

The cosplay community came in full force with their intricate and/or unique designs. Team Max@Play always takes a moment to highlight these amazing individuals in their own gallery. Feel free to check out this recap


If you couldn’t already tell. Anime Central 2019 was an amazing success. The staff worked fluidly together with each other. The hotel and convention center staff did an amazing job at controlling the flow of traffic as well as engaging attendees in a energetic and respectful manner. Memberships for ACEN 2020 went on sale on the last day of the convention and you can check the website for yours.

What did you enjoy most about ACEN? Let us know in the comment section below.