The Sinking City – Before You Buy

The Sinking City – Before You Buy


Before you buy our first impressions of the works of the writer HP Lovecraft. Despite not having a name attached tries really hard to serve as kind of like a love letter inspired by HP Lovecraft with the basic premise and some aspects being very similar if you’re familiar with his works. This game features well-executed ideas that I think are worth a shot, but I got issue. The game is clearly like an absolute mess in a lot of spots. Former Navy man turned Boston private eye detective in the 1920s. Charles is in really bad shape when he shows up he’s sickly with these awful recurring nightmares and visions of sinking city, massive bottomless creature and something calling his name.

I love that game allows you to talk to people a lot and you investigate, and then there’s the combat. The combat here in Sinking city is not very good it’s clunky and slow it’s inaccurate and just it’s not thrilling it actually detract from the horror elements of the game and the scary creatures. It’s hard to tolerate because it just controls in such a messy way. There are some survival horror elements that is so unforgiving and there’s a limited amount of bullets and crafting materials to make more healing items. Honestly you can go ong stretches without finding anything because a lot of the areas are so lifeless. You’re also managing your sanity which goes up in certain instances when you’re around nasty stuff. There are things you can do to calm yourself down but its a welcomed mechanic. Finding clues and puzzle solving are challenging because you actually need to use logic when you match the three it’s cool as hell and rewarding and makes me feel like I was actually figuring stuff out and I really actually learn to enjoy how unclear things were at sometimes because that’s really the gist of the game that’s what they going for that’s all redeeming because of the actual exploration. The open world for not much of a good reason area felt extremely far from the other. streets are long and filled with nothing but like filler and it was really just kind of a bloated waste of time. It’s a shame that this feel straight up unfinished with people floating in the air, standing on tables, stuck and disappearing Overall, once you get past the overwhelming glitches and nothingness the game has a lot to offer.

Transcribed vy Google