Sword Art Online Season 2

Welcome back fellow Anime lovers! Team Max@Play is here playing catch up on one of our favorite series, Sword Art Online. We haven’t determined if we should be watching Gun Gale Online first or not but we started with SOA 2. Sword Art Online 2 starts with the latest full dive mmorpg Gun Gale Online which puts all of the focus on guns as the weapon of choice. The opening protagonist reveals an ability to kill players in real life through the game with his special Death Gun. After the first death, Kirito is recruited to enter to investigate what’s going on, and so begins the latest journey. We were concerned with the pacing at the beginning but once Kirito dawned a plasma sword we knew we were in for the next ride. That was a big deal because who would bring a sword to a gunfight. Just like the original the story takes a dramatic turn and doesn’t end where you expect but we love the extra focus on the life of Asuna and their interactions IRL. Stay tuned for more on this awesome series.

If you need more Sword Art Online check out this awesome AMV from SOA season 1

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