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I hope you got your tissues ready, the show is about to start.

Welcome back Manhwa lovers! We are revisiting BJ Alex originally introduced to us by our guest writer Daiennera Abrams. Surprisingly the BJ in this Yaoi manhwa actually means Broadcast Jockey, not the other thing. If you want a recap of the original entry feel free to visit BJ Alex By Daiennera. We will get you up to speed with Minwa and his trials as a creator, Where you can officially Read BJ Alex and a list of other novels that you may enjoy.

Lezhin comics is the official home for Dong-Gyun and Jiwon Ahn. One could say that having your favorite on air personality as your boyfriend is a win. Jiwon Ahn is hoping to keep his role as BJ Alex a secret for as long as possible. Doing this he uses Dong-Gyun as stimulating inspiration. You can head to Lezhin and binge through all 83 episodes, last episode being published on July 07, 2019. As previously stated, BJ Alex is definitely a mature read and pulls zero punches. Definitely catering to the hardcore Yaoi fans and will have scrolling until your phone dies. If you’re not sure if this manga for you, just head over to Lezhin.com and read the first one for free. They do require you to setup an account but once you start you’ll understand why. The book is written and illustrated by Minwa and with such amazing success we’re waiting to see what else this creator is going to present us with.

As we await more from Minwa, lets touch on a complaint that has been shared across the interwebs. There are many websites illegally ripping and reposting this and many other Manga/Manhwa around the internet. Team Max@Play encourages you to support your favorite artist properly. Subscribe to their channels or Patreons. The volume and rate at which these creators masterpieces are being stolen is baffling. The english translation of BJ Alex could be found illegally posted just one week after it was placed on Lezhin. Futekiya has a full interviewwith Minwa discussing the situation

Just a brief catch up for those new to a few terms here:

Manhwa is the style of South Korean comic books and graphic novels. The art style is so similar to Japenese Manga it is commonly confused. Yaoi, also known as boy love or BL, originated in Japan and features homoerotic relationships between male characters. A previous article about Yaoi and Yuri is available for your reading pleasure. This article describes exactly what you need yo know and shares the story of how Team Max@Play was first introduced to the popular genres.

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