Killing Turkeys in South Park #ThrowbackThursday

South Park – Nintendo 64 Review

Title: South Park

Genre: First Person Shooter

Players: 1-4

Platform: Nintendo 64, Playstation

Developer: Iguana/Appaloosa

Publisher: Acclaim

Welcome back fellow gamers! It’s Throwback Thursday and it’s Thanksgiving so we decided to bring you an awesome game from our childhood, South Park . This was one of thee first games featuring the cast and it’s a first person shooter. The weapons were so over the top ranging from urine covered snowballs and Terrance and Phillip stink bombs to nerf guns and cow launchers. Now, the review in the video doesn’t share our love for South Park and this game but we want to show you the other prospective so enjoy the video. But what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving other than hanging with the kids of South Park killing giant crazy turkeys. Did you play South Park when it came out? How do you feel about it now? Let us know how you celebrate in your turkey day leave us a message in the comment section below. Feel free to check out this other throwback Thursday game.