10 Awesome Video Game Easter Eggs

Welcome back fellow gamers! We all love finding little secrets on our video game Journeys. Some of the stuff is kind of obvious nice to see and others takes a little more diligence to find but once you uncover room it’s woohoo we hit the jackpot. Game developers have been sneaking little Easter eggs since video games were video games. It’s their way of leaving a little something extra in a way of saying thank you to those who take the time to enjoy the game and its details properly. Now, these details include things like posters on the wall, little notes that you can read, or even voice actor lines. And then there are other Easter eggs that are so difficult to find because you have to complete certain tasks in a certain order while meeting specific criteria to reveal this little gift, this little token of appreciation . This last decade has had many games released with tons of Easter eggs and we’re going to highlight just a few of those for you today. This list is brought to you courtesy of our friends over a whatculture.com and here is a list of top 10 Easter eggs in video games