Cosplayer Profile 1: K.A. Cosplay Tech

This is going to be a new segment Max and the team which is while were on the road at convention or just out and about we’ll find a random cosplayer and do an interview on them talking about the journey into the convention and cosplay world. We’ll be beginning our story with Kenneth.

Name: Kenneth
Residence: Ohio
Social: https://www.instagram.com/kacosplaytech/

How did you first get into conventions?

Kenneth: Initially heard about comic con through my friends at do my friends at OSU (Ohio State University) that was a long time, and I never considered going until my girlfriend started competing in the K-pop competition. Last she dragged me alone and I figured if I’m going to go to a convention I might as well start cosplaying.

Did you know about cosplaying before?

K: Every single year my mother and I growing up would make costumes for Halloween and that kind of evolved in me wanting to me suit for video games like Halo or Bumblebee from Transformers and I’d wear them for Halloween and at the time I was hyped about Spider-Man so I debut with Spider-Man at that convention.

What was the first (Ohayocon) con experience like?

K: It was last year I wasn’t really sure what to expect I really didn’t know what panels were so I walked around took pictures and got pictures taken of essentially I was just backpacking up my girlfriend experience.

K: This year was definitely something I wanted to  appreciate it a little bit  more. Knowing things about the game room  knowing about the panels dealers room Look at events beforehand and plan a schedule around what panels I wanted to go to.

What are your next convention plans?

K: I have plans, but unsure if they’re final it all depends on getting a full time job out of collgee works out haha, but I do plan on going to ColossalCon and MatsuriCon.