Kevin Woo Performs at Ohayocon 2020

K-Pop star Kevin Woo hits Ohayocon for the first time

As Ohyacon enters a new decade also comes new beginnings for the convention. This year for musical performances they were blessed with the performer, Kevin Woo. The K-pop artist formerly of the boy band U-KISS which debuted in 2008. In 2017, he made his departure from the group to begin his solo career. Woo presented some of his best songs including “Falling”, “Spark” and “Ride Along” while selling some of his No Cross No Crown merchandise. Being bilingual Woo performed his songs in both English and Korean wearing a shiny gold shirt and black pants. He was headlined by Diana Garnet. This was the first concert at Ohyacon where attendees would need to purchase concert tickets in addition to their regular attendee badge. When he isn’t singing Woo also acts and is a television show host appearing in such programs like After School Club. The Californian born singer has been in the industry for over a decade as his fans nearly packed seat screaming and chanting whenever he sang with his performance garnering such positive views we can expect to see more performance like his in the future.

“What a way to kick off the new year at Ohayocon’s 20th Anniversary! 🇺🇸It was my first time visiting the Midwest and I was amazed by all your love❤️ Hope to see you guys again soon🙏🏻 Love you guys!🍀

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