Diana Garnet performs at Ohayocon 2020

Diana Garnet sings in Dragon

She speaks dragon and loves chia tea

Ohayocon 2020 - Diana Garnet
Ohayocon 2020 – Diana Garnet

Ohayocon 2020 was treated by first-time con performer Diana Garnet. One of the most energetic performances of the evening, Garnet worked the stage in her shimmery pink dress while interacting with the audience. Her performance included some of her personal tracks from her upcoming release as well as songs from her illustrious career doing vocals for popular anime such as Naruto and a plethora of video games. Of course, she sang songs in English as wells Japnese, but no one was prepared for her to sing in Dragon! She took a break to sip her favorite Chia tea and lead into the song featured on the 2018 fantasy game “Dragon Marked For Death” where Garnet is the singing for Amica.

Enjoy this music video of Spinning World which is better known from the ending of Naruto

A little background on Diana

Ohayocon 2020 - Diana Garnet
Ohayocon 2020 – Diana Garnet

D.C. Native Diana Garnet grew up watching anime with her father, an avid anime fan himself. Influenced by the music used in anime, she dreamed of becoming a singer in Japan herself and dedicated her life to studying Japanese culture and language. In particular, the opening theme to CLAMP’s “Magic Knights Rayearth”, Tamura Naomi’s “Yuzurenai Negai”, was a huge influence, and from the age of 7, she made up her mind to sing and voice act in Japanese for her favorite anime titles.

She first learned Japanese by mimicking what she heard in anime, learning to read mainly by manga in Japanese. (As written on IMDB)

Ohayocon 2020 - Diana Garnet
Ohayocon 2020 – Diana Garnet

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